Improve solar panel efficiency & maintain life

Solar panel production jumps more than 20% immediately after solar panel cleaning!

PV Cleaning Service

Solar panels are a big investment so that they are maintained life to ensure your long-term benefits. Because of dust and dirt buildup, their performance levels will drop. Therefore, solar energy system or solar photovoltaics (PV) array should be cleaned to keep solar electricity system working at maximum efficiency year-round.

Why Solar Panel Cleaning?


Save Money

Solar panel cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal solar system performance.


Dust, grime, and environmental pollutants severely impact the efficacy of solar panels. In fact, studies have shown PV panel performance can degrade by 20% or higher without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Maintain Life

Module cleaning is necessary to improve the performance and also to maintain the life of the module.

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quality solution?

How often should

solar panels be cleaned?

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for areas with little dust

You could lose the following percentages per quarter if cleaning isn’t on the agenda

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Why Sumo Energy's PV
cleaning service?

With SumoEnergy's experience, we become the first choice for reliable, safe and consistent Solar Plant cleaning across any portfolio size.
Operate solar panel cleaning service throughout Vietnam.
Use bespoke solar panel cleaning equipment with the ability to clean up to 6-20MW.